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Company profile

Company profile

      Shen Zhen XUSHUO Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and has now developed into a well-known domestic hybrid distributor. The main agency brands include IDC (ISAHAYA), POTENS, CONSENSIC, Shanghai Qualcomm, ETA, and Wuxi Zhongxin Aixin brand. At the same time distribution TI, NXP, TOREX, TOSHIBA, ST, RENESAS, MAXIM, ON, AVAGO and so on. Used in communications products, power equipment, instrumentation, security monitoring, power management, smart wear, automotive BMS and other fields.


      With the support of all employees of the company, peers in the electronics industry, and domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors, in the fierce market competition, the company continues to innovate and gradually develop, and forms a set of distinctive management and actions in this new area of e-commerce. system. Companies rely on technology, market-oriented, has accumulated rich operating experience, the company has long years of cash inventory, there is a fast and direct supply channels! At the same time, it has established a good cooperative relationship with European, American, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and Hong Kong manufacturers and their agent sales agencies. The company focuses on the domestic market and its business spreads all over the world!

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