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Mathworks Introduces New Model-Based Communication System Design Software
Author:Xushuo Electronic        Time:2018-04-24


Today, the China Communication Integrated Circuit Technology and Application Conference and the Internet+IC Industry Development Forum were held in Hefei. It is understood that Hefei has listed the IC industry as the first industry to speed up the cultivation and development and will build "China's IC Capital."


The conference focused on the theme of "Internet + integrated circuits" and invited more than 200 scholars and experts, including academicians, to discuss around the Internet of Things, wearables, smart manufacturing, and Internet services.


In recent years, Hefei has become one of the most powerful and most effective cities in China in promoting the integrated circuit industry. A group of industry leading companies and major projects have settled down to cover IC design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, materials and equipment. By 2020, Hefei plans to cultivate more than 100 design and development companies, becoming the largest production base for panel-driven, automotive electronics, power integrated circuits, and specialty memories, and creating the "IC capital of China."

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